perc_vidhubalaVidhubala, born on May 24, 1954, is a graduate in psychology. An accomplished classical dancer and gifted actress; Vidhubala, who made a splash with Hariharan’s `College Girl’ in 1974 (10 years after making her debut as an eight-year-old in `School Master’) acted in 112 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu, from 1962 to 1978. She may have been reluctant to take up acting as a profession, but she proved that she was more than a competent actor in films such as `Aswathama,’ `Rappadikalude Gatha,’ `Agni,’ `Veedu Oru Swargam,’ `Njaval Pazhangal’ and `Ormakal Marikkumo.’ Vidhubala ended her acting career with `Abhinayam.’ She had something about her that the heroines then lacked: the girl-next-door look.

As leading lady in a Tamil film, Pennukku Thanmanassu, she won an award (1973). She married (February 2, 1983) Muralikumar, son of Parekkat Saraswathi Amma and Kerala Varma Ammmaman Thampuran of Cochin Royal family. He owns of two theatres in Calicut . They have a son, Arjun, born on December 30, 1984.

She is working with her elder brother and leading cinematographer Madhu Ambat on a few projects, including a documentary on Lalgudi Jayaraman. She is also writing a book on her father, Professor Bhagyanath, the famous magician. “He played a crucial role in my career. He, and my mother, Sulochana, both of whom were freedom fighters, wanted me to be a dancer. I was a reluctant actress; I began acting only to oblige some relatives or friends of our relatives,” says the great-granddaughter of poet Kundoor Narayana Menon.