31st Bhagavatha Sathram conducted on Thirunakkara Sree Mahadevar Temple, Kottayam, Kerala from 27th December 2013 to 05th January 2014.frst_bhagavathaSathram

About Thirunakkara Sree Mahadevar Temple

The Thirunakkara Sree Mahadevar Temple situated in the heart of Kottayam city is one of the most revered Siva temples in central Kerala. The elevated area where the temple is situated was once called ‘Nakkara Kunnu’ which in due course, because of the presence of the sacred shrine, came to known as ‘Thirunakkara’ means ‘sacred Nakkara.’  To know more about the temple please click the link.

A brief history about  Bhagavatha Sathram

As early as in 1982 a few Kerala Brahmin Scholars in and around 2 or 3 neighboring villages in a remote part of Kerala started chanting “Namas” of Lord Narayanan once in a month in the house of each Scholar and then they decided to have an annual celebration of this ritual. Accordingly they approached Brahmashree “Bhagavatha Hamsam” Malliyoor Sankaran Namboothiri, a saintly personality who had conducted more than 2500 Bhagavatha Sapthahams, for his blessings & guidance. He advised them to go ahead and named the function as “Sreemad Bhagavatha Sathram”. The first “Bhagavatha Sathram” was conducted in August 1983 in the premises of Lord Sri Krishna in a village called Kurichithanam in Kottayam Dist. in Kerala as the anniversary which was the first step to propagate the ideas and advices contained in the Holy book ” Bhagavatham” among the devotees in Kerala as well as in the whole of Bharath and even in the whole world gradually. The essence of Bhagavatham is “Bhakthi”, selfless sincere , and uncompromising.

Contact details
Sreemad Bagavatha Sathram
NSS guest house , Room no 202
Phone No  0481 6052712
Email -   thirunakarabagavathasathram@gmail.com