ambikapillaiAmbika Pillai is a prominent Hairstylist and make-up artist in the fashion industry hailing from Kollam, Kerala, India . Her highly sought-after skills regularly appear in advertising campaigns, catwalk shows, fashion films, and editorials.
Ambika was born to a cashew exporter Gopinath Pillai & Santha Gopinath Pillai in Kollam, Kerala.She had a luxurious childhood, living in a bungalow by the Backwaters of Kollam. She was married to Surenda Nath on 1980 at the age of 17 and moved to Culcutta to have a settled married life but things did not turn out the way she had desired and had to be satisfied with taking forward her life in a tiny one bed room apartment. The chemistry between Surendra Nath and Ambika was just not right and the only positive out of the wedlock was her daughter Kavitha. Later she married Rakesh aka Rocky in 1993 but due to his heavy drinking & gambling she left him.[4] Her three sisters, Gopika, Renuka and Devika are into hair and skin, trained by her.

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